The mission of the Kazakh-Georgian Economic Union is to reinforce economic growth and the establishment of a healthy, competitive business environment in Georgia and Kazakhstan by enhancing trade, economic and cultural relations between the two countries.


The Kazakh-Georgian Economic Union has a long-term vision to deepen economic and cultural relations between Georgia and Kazakhstan. This will be achieved by providing various professional services to member organizations and involved parties. The Union is committed to protecting the interests of its members in Georgia and Kazakhstan, helping them achieve positive results and develop their businesses. Furthermore, the Kazakh-Georgian Economic Union aims to address the special needs of specific industrial groups by advocating for their interests with the state. The Union will facilitate the implementation of various initiatives and connect members with local and international private and non-governmental organizations, media, civil society, and government. Overall, the Kazakh-Georgian Economic Union is dedicated to contributing to the deepening of mutual cooperation between the two countries and promoting sustainable economic growth and cultural exchange.