Apr 05, 2023
Kazakh-Georgian Economic Union meets with Investors Council to discuss cooperation

The chairman of the board of the Kazakh-Georgian Economic Union, Giorgi Jakhutashvili, recently held a meeting with the head of the Investors Council, Giorgi Cherkezishvili, to discuss potential cooperation between the two organizations. During the meeting, Jakhutashvili presented the activities, current tasks, and future plans of the union, while Cherkezishvili discussed the goals and functions of the Investors Council.


The Kazakh-Georgian Economic Union was established to promote economic cooperation between Kazakhstan and Georgia, with a focus on trade, investment, joint ventures, and collaboration in various industries such as energy, transport, tourism, and agriculture. The Investors Council, on the other hand, is a business association in Georgia that works to support and develop the country's investment environment.

The meeting provided an opportunity for both parties to discuss potential areas of cooperation and exchange ideas on how to promote economic development in the region. Cherkezishvili highlighted the importance of working together and emphasized that the Investors Council is open to collaboration with all business associations in Georgia.


"Investors Council cooperates with all business associations in Georgia, and we are ready to continue cooperation within the framework of working groups," said Cherkezishvili.

The Kazakh-Georgian Economic Union and the Investors Council have a shared interest in promoting economic growth and investment in Georgia. The meeting was an important step towards identifying potential areas of collaboration and working towards shared goals.


In conclusion, the meeting between the Kazakh-Georgian Economic Union and the Investors Council provided a platform for both organizations to discuss potential cooperation and exchange ideas on promoting economic development in the region. As both organizations work towards their shared goal of supporting investment and economic growth, collaboration between them can lead to more opportunities for businesses and greater economic prosperity in the region.